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Introducing the Rotari Rim Covers for CyberTruck - engineered for durability and designed to impress. Responding to a significant number of customer requests, we are thrilled to launch this project to meet the needs of CyberTruck enthusiasts. Our philosophy for the CyberTruck rim covers is rooted in minimalism, and customized sticker oriented design, complementing the bold design of the vehicle.


The Rotari Rim Covers for the CyberTruck feature a minimalist round design that maximizes space for artistic expression. This allows our collaborating artists to fully unleash their creativity and cater to the customer's preferences. This rim cover is designed to display our top-quality 3M 180MC sticker for the best aesthetic result. These high-performance vinyl stickers are known for their superior durability, vibrant colors, and easy application. Thanks to the non-visible air release channels in the Comply™ Adhesive which ensures a smooth, bubble-free installation, allowing you to personalize your CyberTruck with a sleek and unique look.The possibilities are limitless.


In addition, these covers are designed not only to enhance the visual appeal of your CyberTruck but also to provide protection for your rims. They shield your wheels from road debris, curbs, and other potential damage, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition.


Pre-Sale Details:

  • MSRP: $399.99 (1 set of sticker included)
  • Pre-Order Fee: $40*
  • Discount for Pre-Orders: Once the product is ready to ship, we will send you a discount code of $140, reducing your total cost to just $299.99 (25% off).

Pre-Order Terms:

  • If the project is canceled before production, all pre-order fees will be refunded.
  • If the project proceeds to the production stage, pre-order fees are non-refundable.
  • If we fail to deliver the product by 01/31/2025, customers can request a return of their pre-order fee.
  • Please read Pre-Order Terms and Conditions for more detail.

*Please note that the price listed is for a discount voucher toward the Rotari Rim Covers for CyberTruck, not the actual product.

**The stickers showcased in the product images is not the final drafts. 


Pre-Order Terms and Conditions for Rotari™ Wheel Cover


Rotari ™ Rim Covers | for CyberTruck (Pre-order)

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