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Introducing our 180mC Casting-grade Vinyl Sticker: The decoration tailored for Rotari Rim Covers


Crafted to Elevate

We've carefully chosen the 180mC Casting-grade Vinyl Sticker, a testament to our commitment to top-tier quality in vehicle enhancement. This exceptional sticker represents the pinnacle of surface decoration, designed with the aim to transform your Tesla into a canvas of individual expression and style.


3M 180mC StickerMicro Comply™ Adhesive

What sets this sticker apart is its Micro Comply™ Adhesive, featuring non-visible air release channels. This innovative feature ensures rapid and effortless bubble-free installation, allowing for a seamless, professional finish. Say goodbye to the frustrations of air pockets and uneven application.


Unrivaled Longevity

Durability is at the core of this sticker's DNA. With one of the longest lifespans in its category, it surpasses competitors, maintaining its vibrant appearance and adhesive integrity over time. This sticker is built to withstand the elements, offering enduring brilliance and style.


Collaborative Artistry

We're proud to collaborate with Tree & Frog Studio, an indie art design studio run by two passionate and talented design artists. The creative partnership infuses the sticker with unique, captivating designs, reflecting a fusion of artistic brilliance and automotive excellence.



In choosing the 180mC Casting-grade Vinyl Sticker, we've handpicked a premium solution that aligns with our dedication to excellence. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and enjoy the confidence that comes with superior quality and craftsmanship.


*Sold in pack of 4.

**Mecha, Orbit, Ocean and Biomechanics are coming soon.


Rotari™ Rim Covers Vinyl Stickers (3M 180mC Casting-grade)

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